Print a Local Business Advertiser

Print and distribute a local business advertiser
Start a printed business advertiser that gives businesses the opportunity to advertise their products and services to their local neighbourhood. 
Distribute it once a month for free in the specific neighbourhood you are targeting.
If start up costs for great professional design, layouts, writing articles, rate cards etc for establishing a new publication are not in your budget,  subscribe to MYSPACE! These are ready to use monthly templates with news snippets ready inserted - BUT they have blank advertising spaces where you insert the ads from your area. You pay only the subscription fee per issue - you keep all the profits, and your territory is guaranteed.
How will it become my business?

Anyone can publish MYSPACE!, anywhere in South Africa. 
  • To start you will need to confirm availability of your region/neighbourhood. 
  • NB: A neighbourhood is determined by a 3-5km radius (eg. Braamfontein or Sandton or Umlazi.) that includes shopping centres, retail businesses, corporate services, schools, churches and with at least 50% of the region being residential - in order to be economically sustainable.
There is no limit to the amount of regions you can launch, thereby increasing your profitability. 
There will be blank spaces allocated for advertisers in MYSPACE! that you need to sell to your area's businesses and once done and placed in the blank space - your MYSPACE! is ready for printing and distributing. All the other articles and content are already on the pages you don't need to add anything but adverts.                           

What do I do?

  • You will approach businesses and organizations in your region/neighbourhood, show them the dummy, explain that it will be distributed in their neighbourhood and be seen by their target market. (see Why below for the selling features)
  • When you secure a booking, you need to get their logos/images and the offers/services they want to advertise. 
  • You will then get the advert created by your printshop or desktop publisher, or yourself if you are computerwise, and then show or email them a proof. 
  • On approval they will settle the payment and the advert will be positioned in one of the blank advert spaces.

How do I make my money?
The advertising rates paid by the advertisers are structured so that it covers production costs, as well as provide a healthy profit which is then yours. Profit is estimated at R5000+ per average neighbourhood issue. Giving your customers GREAT service means they will advertise with you over and over, and new businesses will want to advertise without you even approaching them.
Remember, it is important that you work closely with your printshop and desktop publisher to have fixed rates for their service. This will be regular work for them as well so the advantages will be both ways.

Exactly what costs are involved?
Every month a new issue will be supplied with a R249.00 subscription fee per issue/neighbourhood. (Each separate neighbourhood is charged separately.)
Your appointed printshop must print out a mockup copy for you of every new issue so that you can use it as a dummy to show businesses you approach for advertising.
The costs of printing and production are covered by the advertisers payments of their adverts when they see their proofs.
For a professional image, you should also invest in a MYSPACE! businesscard and ratesheets to give to possible clients/advertisers. (artwork available on request)

What will I need?
  • An email address where you can send and receive emails.
  • A reliable desktop publishing supplier/freelancer to make up the clients/advertisers adverts and send you proofs. They will also place the ads into the open spaces allocated for adverts. (eg Minuteman Press, countrywide or Prontaprint)
  • A reliable printshop (who may also have the desktop publishing service) who will print 2000 copies on specified paper.
  • A great attitude, smart appearance, a fantastic customer care approach and a reliable work ethic, to retain your advertising clients month to month.

What if I need support or advice?
Unlimited free support will be available to publishers, including:
  • a step by step activation guide, 
  • financial projections, 
  • timing schedules,
  • rate sheet/order template, 
  • stationery templates, 
  • advertiser guides, 
  • tips for successful ads, 
  • advice on obtaining contract bookings, and more.
Why would any business want to advertise in MYSPACE!?
  • Their adverts will be seen by potential customers in their local area that don't notice them otherwise.
  • Advertising rates are affordable.
  • A choice of 2 advert sizes, economical businesscard size is R250 and larger strip ad is R1250 - with advert templates to choose from for easy production.
  • No competition from businesses in other areas.
  • Adverts last for one month and not just one week/one day as in the normal press.
  • Proudly South African articles feature on the pages
Advertising conditions:
Clients adverts have to be paid to you in full when signing off the proof, before your MYSPACE! goes to print. 

CLICK HERE: YES I want to subscribe! 
When you have subscribed, you will receive your first template of MYSPACE!, sent to your email address after you have paid your subscription fee.
You will also receive the step by step action plan and support material, PLUS you can rely on unlimited support from MYSPACE!

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