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Home items always sell well. Check back every now and again to see what new items have been added to the Decor Factory. Remember to keep your quality consistent!
Plastic bags and bits of fabric are everywhere. Slice plastic bags into ribbons and use them to crochet or knit, and use strips of fabric around conventional home items to give them a new look. Here are a few ideas of products to make using recycled materials. 

1. Covered and decorated clothes hangers
Twist ribbon, string and beads around hangers and create very marketable hangers like these from Carpe Diem.

BELOW: If you can crochet, using a “H” US crochet hook, join your yarn at the throat of the hanger with a slip stitch. Single crochet (sc) around the entire hanger ending back at the beginning of the hanger throat. Fasten off and use the ends to weave in around the hanger throat to make a nice smooth finish to the hanger cover.

BELOW: Use some woodglue and wrap wool and ribbons around to get this effect, slip beads and charms in between.

2. Braided rugs from bags or rags
Make long braids using strips of tied together fabrics or bags, and sew them together using a long needle and strong cotton. The colour and pattern variations are endless!

BELOW: Or you could knit rugs from bags or rags:

3.Cork mats 
Corks are also a useful recycled item, this mat is very unusual and attractive, but make sure the glue is working well. Test it for a few days before you sell.

About 200 corks
Hot glue gun
Mat surface: A2 size hard plastic sheet

Cut the corks in half, lengthwise.
Position onto the mat surface to get them lined up
Glue them in place

Slice a few corks into little 5mm thick circles and glue to each corner on the underside of the mat and one in the centre to stop slipping
Allow to dry 24 hours

4. Scattercushions from unusual materials
Scatter cushions are always in fashion, especially if they are unique and well made. Cut a pattern from any cushion. Here are a few examples using sacks and bags that are not normally used for household items, don't they look great!

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