Handbag Factory

Handbags you can make and sell:
Hand bags are an easy to make fashion accessory and are good sellers. Check back every now and again to see what new handbag ideas have been added to the Handbbag Factory. Remember to keep your quality consistent!

1. Easy to make messenger style bag
The messenger bag is cut in one piece from the pattern at the bottom. You can experiment with the height or width. The straps are sewn securely inside on the side. Use good quality cotton so the bag is strong, and you can decorate it with pockets, badges, art, beads, artificial flowers or pretty trims from a fabric store. 

BELOW: This bag has been painted and decorated to make it unique.

Below: You can even use old farm feed or potato sacks! (you will probably need to line them)

BELOW: THE BASIC PATTERN. REMEMBER TO CUT THE STRAPS AT THE SAME TIME.  You can easily cut a pattern from an actual messenger bag sample, there is more than one way you can make it.
Cut the pattern out of paper first to work out where your seams will go, how you will sew it together and to get your sizing right.

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