Thursday, January 13, 2011

Welcome jobseekers! The time has come to make your own job.

Jobs are getting harder to come by every day and don't be misled, it is not unique to us in South Africa, it is a global issue.
What now? We as a nation are known for our creativity, hard work ethic and tenacity - we don't sit down and despair, we get busy. The biggest question is usually,"How must I get busy?". There are many ideas and options out there, unfortunately a lot of them need big set up costs, or are downright scams. But the bottomline is this: You have to start your own business and join the global trend of entrepreneurship. So if you, or someone you know needs to jumpstart their own business, find the tools here.

On this site some well researched and proven ideas will feature, that are:
1. Affordable and achievable. 
2. Sustainable with potential for growth. 
New ideas will be added as they come up, and mutual community support is encouraged amongst visitors to this site. Feel free to post some genuine ideas and businessplans right here, if you have the South African jobseeker but now potential entrepreneur, in mind. If your idea is recognized as a great opportunity, it will be listed as a 'Factory' at the top of the site.

Now, let's get to work and earn some money!

The Factory Manager

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